Bespoke Software Engineering

We often see within businesses, processes being done manually by people, which can be automated. For example, you may have John doing a report on the first of each month, that takes him half a day to produce. Sometimes he makes mistakes, and then has to go back and spend more time on it. And those human errors can be costly for the business down the line. Then you may have Grace for example, doing a business process every let’s say Monday, that takes her all day to finish. She maybe copying data from one spreadsheet into another for example.

Well, what will happen if your business doubles? John will have to spend the entire day on the reports and Grace will need to double her time, doing what she does every Monday. That may mean having to recruit more staff, which is more cost. But could you automate those processes? Can some bespoke software application produce that report in five seconds, that takes John all day? Can some custom business application developed just for the process that Grace does, complete the task in under one minute?

If you employ technology to do those repetitive tasks in seconds, then John and Grace can help in other areas of the business, and potentially save you having to hire more staff. That way, when your business doubles, the report then might take ten seconds to complete rather than five. It makes sense to automate your business processes so that you can eliminate a great deal of pain when your business grows.

We can help. We will study your requirements and the challenges your business is facing and come up with a bespoke business application that will meet your specific business requirements. That way, you will be able to stay ahead of the competition and give your business the best chance.

We build software that is secure, scalable and resilient. We concentrate on user-friendliness and ensure that it is easy to use. We use the latest technology and industry best practices. You can be assured of good quality and a high level of service.

Now if you already have some software in place and you are looking for some software support and maintenance for it, then let us know. We will have a look and if we feel that we can do that, then we will offer you a software support contract.

Our rates are very competitive, and our service level is very high. It has been said that, today you either go digital or go home. We say email or call us today and we will help you go digital.