Our Bespoke Software Development Services

Bespoke Business Applications

Our overall service offering is the development of bespoke business applications. That is when a business requires a bespoke desktop, web-based or mobile application to automate a given business process. We do that by way of bespoke software engineering or custom web development. See below for more information.

Bespoke Software Engineering

Our bespoke software engineering services are world class. We use the latest technologies and best industry practices to ensure that our bespoke software applications are secure and performant. If you are after a bespoke business application to automate a given business process, then we can help.
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Custom Web Development

Custom web development is for businesses or people that want a bespoke business application that is accessible via smart-phones, tablets and computers alike. Our custom-built web applications are built on the latest technologies, using the best industry practices available at the time. They are responsive, secure, accessible and easy to use.
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Software Support

We have over thirteen years’ experience in Microsoft .NET software development and can offer great software support services. We already do that for customers both in the Poole area and around the UK.
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Mobile App Development

We have experience with developing mobile apps for Android (Play Store) and Apple iOS (App Store). We use the Microsoft Xamarin Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide a cost-effective solution for our customers.
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Email for Business

We are very experienced with the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud and G Suite from Google. We set-up and maintain your enterprise email via the cloud portal. You will not have to worry at all about your business email.
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